Copenhagen North West walking tour

The Northwestern part of Copenhagen is a multicultural, yet rough and creative pearl of town. Here old and contemporary social housing and wellfare architecure blends with street art, cozy cafés and the iconic Grundtvigs Church.

On this guided off the beaten track tour we will tell you about the old working class area and the giant Bispebjerg Cemetery (well known for it´s cherry blossom in April) next to one of the most alluring masterpieces of Danish architecture, Grundtvigs Church.

Our route also includes a public school, where focus lies on outdoor activities and a modern library, which works as a social hub designed as a unifying space for the locals. On the same street an amazing outdoor art gallery consisiting of 16 colourful and distinct murals are displayed.

Yet to share with you on our walk, will be the curvy and captivating social housing facades designed by the world famous Danish architect, Bjarke Ingels (who by the way right now is in the process of developing the first city on Mars…).

In addition we will show you a handful of innovative initiatives taking place behind the walls of the district's former industrial buildings. Depending on which day we visit, we will drop by some artists, ceramic designers or cool craft beer manufacturers, baristas or gallerists showing their place in the old factory unit.

We end the tour at one of our absolute favourite hangouts where you can absorb all the impressions while becoming one of the locals for a while.

Practical information and accessibility

Meeting place

Grundtvigs Kirke
På Bjerget 14B
2400 København NV


Duration of the tour is 2 hours and the route is app. 3,5 K.

  • Differences in level may occur on the tour. But we go on routes where wheelchair users can join. The places we visit indoors will also be accessible to wheelchair users.
  • There is accessible toilets during and after the tour.
  • There is accessible parking
  • You can get free entrance for companions. Due to level differences, it is therefore recommended that wheelchair users bring a companion with them. 
  • There is no possibility to eat / drink on site. But immediately after the trip, there are several places to eat. It is of course also permitted to bring your own food.
  • There are chairs / benches you can rest on during the tour. We walk at a quiet pace and there are several stops along the way.
  • There is no elevator / lift / accessible toilet inside the buildings
  • There is no possibility for alternative participation (e.g., podcast or video).



Meeting place: Grundtvigs Kirke

På Bjerget 14B

2400 København NV
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