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Architecture- and landscape photography from close and distant surroundings with a majority of work taken in and around Copenhagen. The exhibition will take place in the new project room for architecture and photography; Prospekt.

Close surroundings 

Distant surroundings 

When we travel through the near and the more distant surroundings they leave behind in us traces and memories of the seen. The everyday life passing by, notes taken on a journey, silhouettes of landscapes from a train window. Photography has the ability to capture both the monumental in a grand building and the less obvious places from the outskirts of a city. In the exhibition you can see places in Copenhagen that have disappeared as well as pictures from other places. The architect and photographer Mogens Ulderup shows work from the last 20 years.  

The exhibition space Prospekt centrally located in the Vesterbro part of Copenhagen is an artist driven place with an ambition to show photography of an architectural and topographical nature in new ways. For Surroundings the design of the exhibition will be made entirely out of scrap and found material.  

Originally a shop with four big windows facing Eskilds- and Eriksgade Prospekt is also an exhibition-space that can be seen from the outside when the gallery is closed. 


Plan your visit

After Prospekt's opening hours, you can see the content of the exhibition through the large windows.

The exhibition opening takes place on Sunday 4 December from 15.00 - 18.00 There might be changed opening hours. They will be announced on Prospekt's Instagram channel @prospekt.space - and by reading about them on Prospekt's website via the link here.


  • There is no lift to / ramp to / barrier free / entrance
  • There are no accessible toilets in the building or withing 200 meters of the building
  • There is no accessible parking
  • There is free entrance for companions
  • There is possibility to eat / drink on site. There will be served water and coffee.
  • There are chairs / benches you can rest on
  • There is barrier free inside the building
  • There is no possibility for alternative participation (e.g., podcast or video)



Eriksgade 15

1708 København V
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