International Manifesto Relay at the UIA2023CPH

How can architecture contribute to social and environmental change? CAFx invites researchers and practitioners that took part in the International Manifesto Relay on stage to respond to the most urgent questions in the field.

"We believe this participatory form of communication that reaches across positions, perspectives and geographies is necessary for the ongoing process of collective formulations of architecture's contribution to the fulfillment of the UN SDGs. We really love the expansion of the collective approach of the Manifesto Relay, bridging across industry and research, and we are certain that it will present a powerful call for action and unison."

- Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen and Martin Tamke, the UIA Scientific Committee

The International Manifesto Relay encourages us to rethink the role of the architect in the scope of environmental, economic and technological transformations on a global scale, to reflect on the means currently available to become drivers of change. It mobilizes our field to embrace the lived experiences of urban and rural communities, but also to speculate on what a sustainable future for the planet looks like, and to declare how architects will contribute to achieving it.

A powerful tool to put forth ideas, commitments, agendas, visions for a better architecture, from Malaysia to Mauritius, from Portugal to Japan, the manifestos function as a starting point for topical conversations and exhibitions.

In this debate the participants will focus on the key questions raised by the International Manifesto Relay publication, introduced by Martha Thorne, author of the publication's preface, and chaired by Josephine Michau, founder and director of Copenhagen Architecture Festival. The session is moderated by Federica Sofia Zambeletti, founder and creative director of KoozArch.‍


Bella Center

Center Blvd. 5

2300 Copenhagen
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