Information on accessibility

We have had a particular focus on accessibility during the World Capital of Architecture, because we want to invite as many people as possible.

You will find specific information about accessibility under the descriptions for the individual events in the program. There you will find information about the following:

  • Access conditions
  • Toilet conditions
  • Dining options
  • Rest options
  • Disabled parking
  • Access for companions
  • Alternative participation (e.g., podcast or video)

If you have questions about accessibility for an event, you can contact the event organiser - you will find the contact information at the end of the descriptions for each event.

We aim to have as many people as possible participate in the World Capital of Architecture’s events and use our website and social media. Since the program was developed by many different partners, each partner is solely responsible for inclusion and accessibility.

Guides and inspiration for accessibility for partners 

As a partner during the World Capital of Architecture, you can find inspiration in the documents below for how your event can become more accessible. Above is a detailed guide with suggestions on how to work with accessibility. Below you will find further inspiration for handling accessibility from external organisations.

How to make your event accessible

Use our guide to find inspiration on how to make your event more inclusive and improve accessibility.